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Black Lives Matter

2020 was an exceptional year. It saw a massive increase of protests around the world against police brutality in America.  This was triggered by the killing of George Floyd an unarmed black man by the police in broad daylight.  

The cop had his knee on Floyd's neck which stopped him from breathing and despite Floyd's please of 'I can't breathe' the policeman kept his knee on his neck until he died.

This led to huge riots and protests.

Another death caused by police brutality in America was that of Breonna Taylor who was shot six times in her bed when cops went to the wrong address.

There have been counter protests about the term 'Black Lives Matter' where people insist on saying 'All Lives Matter'. 

But do 'All Lives Matter' if black people can be killed so indiscriminately by cops? If indeed All Lives Mattered, would the cops not view them as though their lives indeed mattered?

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