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Nominee Leading Black Entrepreneur or Business(Over £100,000)

Efua Adams


I nominate Efua Adams, as she has consistently delivered through smooth and difficult times. Always goes the extra mile to deliver property services in the private sector, and to house asylum seekers through the public sector. As well as being the director for the company, she is driven to take pride in her business, mentors and provides excellent strategy and procedures in the business, and ensures all colleagues within the business are up to task, even if it takes a lot of her time to provide mentoring/training to us. As a black African myself, I couldn't be more happy to be part of an organisation led by a black woman. Our company's culture is like a family, and Efua always puts the perfect strategy in place whenever it seems that the business is slightly heading in the wrong direction. If there is an award to be given to someone, she should definitely awarded for her hard work, compassion and dedication for being a business from MK, but also serving other areas too.

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