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Young Black Person of The Year (Under 25)

Nathan Ampofo-Anim


Nathan was born at MK General on 20.05 2008 and was diagnosed with Sickle cell Disease before birth. SCD is an inherited genetic blood condition for which there is no cure. It is typically diagnosed within black community and has been known as "Negro disease" in the past. SCD still does not receive the gravitas is requires because of the colour it represents. Nathan is on daily medication including morphine and daily chemotherapy and suffers regular hospital admissions. Nathan is an inspiration to both young and old living with lifelong medical condition. His ambition is to inspire others living with a life long condition and empower them to believe that your diagnosis should not define you. Nathan is extremely hard working with tenacity of a bull dog and is determined to inspire others against all odds.


At the age of 8 Nathan won the Floella Benjamin life time award for his achievements despite his diagnosis. At age 11 he attained greater depth in all his SATs despite an annual attendance of only 60% due to hospital admissions. Nathan was then awarded 100% Scholarship in private school because of his excellent performance in his entry exams. At age 7 Nathan started competitive go-karting at Daytona Milton Keynes and at age 8 he was the youngest to win the Cadet In-kart championship. 2 years later he won the Rokie cadet championship at Whilton Mill Juniors. Nathan then started competing in National championships and 2 years later finished 5th at Total Karting Zero National electric Karting championship.


Nathan was also scouted by Leicester football club as a goalkeeper but unfortunately his diagnosis got in the way as he suffered increased admissions due to playing in the cold and wet conditions. This however did not quench his thirst for competing and success as he tried out for Basketball and was selected to play for Northants Basketball club at National league level. Yes he has Sickle beta Thalassaemia With several admissions misses school quite a lot and at times can't do the things he loves but when he is well he has a damn good shot at it. He is my inspiration and empowers not just me but the old and young alike to pursue their dream's because I see him pursuing his despite the daily challenge presented by his diagnosis.

Will Mhamila

Gold Elegant Awarding Ceremony Video.png

Young community champion Who goes beyond to make sure everyone around him is safe; happy and he will give away all he has to community he dies not stop to serve the community young and old. He started at the very young age and he is still to bing it well Will deserved this trophy He is a role model to all the young generation.

Will helps out with families by offering child care at thier own home, to give parents time to build thier relationships/marriages. He is a football coach to a lot of young teens and beyond. He is the iT consultant in Mk for most of the black communities. He stood up when his brother was admitted in hospital for brain operation and worked with parent so we have money for bills… During covid he was our driver anytime of day or night to supply food and medicine stuff. With a smile he helps everyone in the community. He is one role model to all parents in Milton Keynes

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