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Maria Affa

Maria Affa, is a self-trained chef and the chair of MGB Community service.


(MGB) Stands for ‘Making Good Better. MGB was started in 2016 to support single parents suffering from depression and to provide them with a safe space to feel comfortable and heard in the local community.


MGB helped single parents by bringing them together once a month to network and share their experiences, socialise, and improve their mental health.


In 2019 Covid -19 pandemic happened, and more people started walking through the doors of MGB looking for help.


Following the lockdown MGB begun supporting the youth by organising a musical connections program that would help with their engagement. This programme gave young people a place to enjoy music and forget their worries.


In 2022, Maria noticed that her local area, Fishermead, lacked a breakfast club. MGB once again stepped in and a breakfast club was opened to everyone in the community. This breakfast club is open to people of all of walks of life bringing the community together. It provides a space for the vulnerable’ helping them to deal with isolation by providing opportunity to socialise, network and enjoy food and drink.


MGB has made a great impact in the community with numerous amounts of people coming back each day. They have also made a great impact in the lives of single parents and young people. One of the single parents mentored through the programme is now helping her community by providing free lunch once week whilst some of the young people have added music to their school subjects.

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