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Ophelia Cole

Ophelia was raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in a community where people from different tribes and religion work together for a common good. In addition, both of her parents were teachers who helped others in the community. This background has moulded her to be the woman she is today, supporting others to step into a path leading to a fulfilled life.

Ophelia holds a degree in management, is a local councillor, school governor and Secretary of two Sierra Leonean organisations: Murritong Pikin Development Organisation (MTPDO) and Sierra Leone Community Milton Keynes (SLCMK). Both organisations are involved in community development and supporting residents locally.


Ophelia has been a leading figure in presenting Sierra Leone’s art, culture and heritage in as many forums as she can, raising awareness of their culture whilst also introducing them to other cultures and traditions.


Ophelia is the Founding Director of Action Speaks CIC, an organisation which aims to work within communities to bring about changes in perspectives and an understanding of one another’s culture and cultural background believing that this leads to the identification of common grounds.


Ophelia currently supports residents in her local community of Fishermead where she runs clubs for young people and families, and other sessions to bring the community together.


Ophelia has organised events for the community to join in national celebrations, she has organised day trips to give residents the opportunity of getting to know each other and share participation in new experiences. She also runs a Friday cafe providing residents a safe space to hang out locally and support each other through communication.


Ophelia believes in empowerment and strives to empower others in reaching their full potential.

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