Vote for the organisation you believe actively seeks to engage Black communities in Milton Keynes

Thames Valley Police


Thames Valley Police have taken a pro-active approach towards interacting with black communities including their recruitment drive for black policemen/women.

We believe they deserve this Award for their forward thinking approach to interacting with black communities.

National Health Service

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The NHS are one of the largest employers of people of black origin in Milton Keynes.

Their provision to black people in terms of service delivery is unrivalled and that is why we think they deserve this Award. 

Safer MK


Safer MK continue to demonstrate their commitment to including black voices in all their interactions, operating with a clear understanding that engaging all sectors of the community is the way to create a safer Milton Keynes for all, and for this we  nominate them for this Award. 

Arts and Heritage Alliance

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The Arts and Heritage Alliance have taken an active stance in reaching out to black led organisations and individuals.

They have run surveys, held seminars and training sessions and actively recruited black participants and groups and for this we believe they should be nominated in this category.

Milton Keynes College


Milton Keynes College have continued to demonstrate that they are serious about providing equal opportunities to black communities and groups.

Their focused and deliberate approach to interact and support black organisations and groups is the reason we have nominated them for this Award.

Ethnic Minority Achievement Network, Milton Keynes Council

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The EMA are a very visible face of the Council for ethnic minorities in Milton Keynes. 

Their commitment to supporting black communities through supplementary schools guidance, oversight, training and hands on participation is worthy of recognition and that is why we have nominated them.

The Open University


The Open University has continued to be proactive in its ambition to actively employ and recruit people of black heritage into its staff as well as its student ranks.

This commitment to diversity is why we have nominated them