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Black led organisations making a difference

We Are The IROKO


I'm nominating Chinwe Osaghae because she goes above and beyond to aid the development and growth of the Milton Keynes community through inspirational workshops, presentations and speeches. She doesn't just impact people of black origin but finds ways to bring together the diverse range of people here in Milton Keynes.

"WEARETHEIROKO"  are driving transformational change through Sustainability Art Projects and Cultural Exchanges. This is an intergenerational endeavour to ensure that we are all doing our bit to look after our planet by living simply and having fun while doing so!

MK Melting Pot

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Adewunmi Jade has been leading this organisation for as long as I can remember and has been engaging with the the MK community with various events and activities for young and old. She has continued to uphold a strong sense of community and a love and appreciation for those involved - she has a loving heart and a heart to give back to those she meets



JULIE JUU TV is Under JULIE JUU PRODUCTIONS while we open to help our Community, we do our program and put it in YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram. Mission Statement, JULIE JUU PRODUCTIONS Seek to use Show Business to inform, Influence and Inspire Society and Change their Negative Behaviour Patterns and to Sensitize Humankind by Creating Awareness and Understanding about National and International Development Programmes.


OBJECTIVE:: To provide information, education and Communication through Film, Live Stage Production, Live Shows, Stage dramas and benefits of Humankind. Ghanaian top Organisation Call AKWAABA UK gave us Accreditation to support their program and we went to Covered it, If you Watch the program now on YouTube you will see that JULIE JUU TV has 69K While all the Media they attended didn't got the Number. We Covered ENSTOOLMENT OF KINGS AND QUEENS IN our Community. JULIE JUU TV is doing Good Job in our Community so they Deserve an Award. PROFILE::JULIANA SARPONG Juliana Sarpong is an Actress while her Show Business name is JULIE JUU: JULIE JUU'S Accomplishments have been Acknowledged by all Ghanaians home and abroad. Her works have withstood the rest of of time. Her unique approach to her craft. JULIE JUU is a pioneering figure and a producer of TV Dramas. Her God-given talents have fundamentally advanced the art of Television Drama in Ghana. JULIE JUU is the Midas of TV, turning into gold whatever programme she handles. JULIE JUU is a lot of things in one :Actress, Play writer, Poet, Novelist, Film Maker, TV Producer, Music Producer, Entertainment Promoter, Public Relations Consultant, Advertising Executive and Publisher. JULIE JUU is a Madam of every area of artistic endeavour into which she has ventured. JULIE JUU, the backstage giant, is a fastidious showbiz bulldozer because of her insatiable drive and authoritative style of directing. JULIE JUU has a lot of knowledge in the Film and TV industry and has been in the film industry for over 28 years. JULIE JUU has acquired experience in project Co-ordination. JULIE JUU is an Actress for Cantata, Darkness Drama Group, Ntiesie Drama Group, Agyedabi Drama Group, Nsem Bi Sisi TV Series all on GTV. and On going JULIE JUU TV. She has managed Programs for Bosompra Productions as a General Manager, Programme Manager. JULIE JUU is a member of Ghana Actors Gild, Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) , and Ghana Producers Association. JULIE JUU has experience in Television Documentaries, Live Stage Production, TV Drama Productions, Film Productions etc. JULIE JUU is a Fashion Designer and Beautician.

Chommzy Care services


She has done tremendously well for the black people.

Firm Foundation


I am the owner of a private tutoring organisation (Firm Foundation Course) which started in Milton Keynes about 20 years ago. I am a private tutor myself. In seeing the need to keep children occupied out of school hours and boost their learning further so they can reach their true potential, I also arranged for other tutors to attend and teach students at the premises where we are based. We teach children in primary and secondary school ranging from Reception Year up to Year 13. We follow the National Curriculum and teach all the core subjects including Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and well as other requested subjects. In December 2021, I received an Award from Milton Keynes Council in recognition of achieving the minimum education standards required and for contributing to the education of the children in Milton Keynes. This was given to me by the Mayor of Milton Keynes. My organisation aims to boost the confidence of the student by patiently going over varied tasks within the curriculum and using different questioning techniques which helps the learner comprehend the work at hand. We work in collaboration with the student and parents in order to bring the best out of the learner. Firm Foundation Course runs small group sessions. However, each learner is given individual attention within the group and the tutor ensures each tutee has made progress in every session. I believe I am the only female individual in Milton Keynes that has been able to establish a base where students have the option of attending tuition for all the core subjects in person or online at an affordable rate. Where students have needed extra sessions and parents have not been able to pay due to financial challenges, I have sponsored students to attend sessions at no extra cost to the parent. Firm Foundation Course has a very high success rate which a lot of parents can testify to.

African Diaspora Foundation

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An organisation committed to the upliftment of people of black heritage through the showcasing of culture and heritage as a way to unite black communities and provide understanding in mainstream society.

Their events are landmarks in Milton Keynes which see all communities coming together to celebrate African culture and heritage and for this commitment we have nominated them for this Award. 

The Danny Martey Multimedia limited 

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HE has helped developed a lot of companies with his hands on business development mentirship program helping to create more jobs in the country

Female Techpreneur


This organisation led by a black woman is doing an amazing job by helping people in milton Keynes start a business and pivot into Tech. With the support of the milton keynes council as one of their sponsors, they are organizing a bootcamp to help people validate their tech business ideas.



Alice has been working tirelessly with her team in Milton's Keynes to support and empower BAME communities and young people in the Milton's Keynes. Her work is evident with young people Capacity programmes and upcoming event with Thames Valley Police. Also she has given us a WhatsApp platforms where business people advertise their businesses. Additionally, those social media platforms people use to share opportunities and enhancing social support networks.

Alice’s concerns encompass the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, disproportionate police stop and search practices affecting BAME communities, inadequate housing, unemployment, overrepresentation of BAME children in care and the criminal justice system, knife crime, shootings, grooming, drug trafficking, and antisocial behavior linked to complex family issues. Additionally, she recognises the challenges faced by BAME communities in maintaining their cultural identity due to suspected gang activity, extremism, radicalization, as well as post-migration difficulties such as cultural differences, racism, discrimination, language barriers, and lack of social support. Persistent academic underachievement is also a matter of concern. These issues have garnered significant attention in UK media and have been raised by parents and guardians within the BAME community. Alice’s growing concern reveals systemic flaws and a lack of understanding and awareness regarding the needs of BAME communities. Urgent improvements are needed to ensure equal and fair distribution of public services

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