Black led organisations making a difference

African Caribbean Arts and Heritage Alliance

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An amalgamation of two of MK's leading black organisations. These two organisations have been active in seeking to empower MK's black communities through education, sports, events, youth empowerment and activism.

Their visible and active role in empowering and uniting black communities by bringing the African and Caribbean communities together is why we have nominated them. 

MK Melting Pot

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A small organisation which punches way above its weight in the service of black communities, the MK Melting Pot provides food to hundreds of Milton Keynes families. 

Working with the poor and disempowered in our communities the MK Melting Pot hold events and training services, advocates for support and provides direct support to the needy, and for this work we consider them deserving of this nomination. 

African Diaspora Foundation

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An organisation committed to the upliftment of people of black heritage through the showcasing of culture and heritage as a way to unite black communities and provide understanding in mainstream society.

Their events are landmarks in Milton Keynes which see all communities coming together to celebrate African culture and heritage and for this commitment we have nominated them for this Award. 

The Oasis Project


Located in Milton Keynes, this project has not allowed distance to impact its reach and effectiveness.

The Oasis Project serves the people of Bakau in The Gambia through the provision of education through the Starlight School which has more than 200 children enrolled. It also serves the community by supporting sanitation and water initiatives.

For its commitment to changing the lives of people less privileged we have nominated the Oasis Project for this Award.