Community Champions

Jade Jaiyeola


Committed to serving the needy in Milton Keynes, Jade has committed her life to helping people regardless of colour, religion or ethnicity. 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic her organisation was feeding more than 250 families.

For her commitment to Milton Keynes and desire to ensure poverty is eradicated especially among young people we believe Jade deserves this nomination. 

Maxine Robb


Keen philanthropists, Maxine and Lavern are committed to helping the underprivileged by providing food and other basic needs.

Providing from their own pockets Maxine and Lavern have served their community of Springfield and beyond by ensuring that there was food for any family that might go hungry and for this we believe Maxine and Lavern are worthy of this nomination. 

Ophelia Cole


A community mobiliser, Ophelia works tirelessly to uplift and empower the community of Fishermead.

The current Deputy Chair of the residents group, Ophelia also sits on the board of the Trinity Centre.

For her tireless commitment to her city we believe Ophelia is deserving of this nomination. 

Wain McIntosh

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An MBE, Wain has been steadfast in leading the Friends of the Caribbean for many years.

Through this organisation he has led educational, sports and fundraising projects for people and communities in Milton Keynes and in the Caribbean.

For his commitment to the betterment and empowering of Caribbeans in Milton Keynes and beyond we have nominated Wain McIntosh for this Award. 

Anthonia Beddall


As a woman in construction, Anthonia continues to break boundaries by working to provide a platform for marginalised black voices.

Through her organisation she runs events which educate and encourage people by providing information about opportunities, overcoming challenges and networking.

She also runs Award ceremonies which recognise black contribution in Milton Keynes.

Beyond this, her organisation is also supporting needy families with hot meals and groceries and for this work we nominate Anthonia for this award. 

Fola Komolafe


Fola has worked for many years with large multinationals in the private sector as a strategy consultant, a business leader, and a partner with one of the top accounting firms in the UK.

Her public sector experience leading and managing a £21.6 million multiple award-winning project portfolio in 14 countries across Africa and Asia led to her being awarded an honorary degree by the Open University.

Fola currently directs two private companies whilst chairing and sitting as a non-executive director on several local and regional boards. She has been Chair of the Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Milton Keynes College. In 2017, Fola was appointed a Vice President with the British Red Cross and was also invited to become a Chartered Companion to the Chartered Management Institute, a select group of the best leaders in the UK and beyond. Fola who is also Christian minister currently chairs the boards of Milton Keynes Christian Centre and Into the Community which runs the Foodbank.

She is on the boards of World Vision UK and Thames Valley Partnership. Fola was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire in 2015 and in June 2016 she was awarded an MBE for services to business and community. In 2020 she was appointed a Vice President with Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

Beatrice Bategerezi

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Since 1999, Beatrice has committed herself to helping underprivileged families and single mothers. During the pandemic she worked with her sons to make and distribute food to the needy from her own resources.

A single mother herself, she has helped other single mothers by boosting their self-esteem and supporting them back into education and employment and for this commitment to the betterment of the lives of others we nominate Beatrice for this Award.

Mike Kasibo

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Mike Kasibo has committed himself to advocating for equal opportunities for black people in Milton Keynes.

He has always pushed for the celebration of African culture and heritage and the need to bring this to the forefront.

By joining his organisation to the Caribbean organisation in MK, he has lived the value of black unity, and for this we believe Mike deserves this nomination.

Tina Thompson


Tina’s passion stems from her motto: 'doing your bit to impart your community rather than sitting down and complaining'.

She strongly believes life is a massive jigsaw puzzle and we all hold a piece to put in. Tina has been a Samaritan for over 10 years and an organiser for sharing at Christmas (giving to 100 people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas day) for 8 years.

For 5 years, Tina has been running a soup kitchen for homeless people until COVID-19 hit and has since then been cooking free hot meals in our community. With the help of some amazing individuals they have served about 20,000 meals in the past 18 months and this is still ongoing. For this we nominate Tina for this Award.

Dr Robinson Osei Addaih

20210908_165934 (1).jpg

Dr Robbie Osei Addaih pursued his Masters Degree at the University of Ibadan and moved to England to do his PhD and LLB (Bachelor at Laws).

He has been sitting as a Magistrate in Buckinghamshire for over 13 years and over the last two years, has been sitting at the Crown Court within Buckinghamshire and Thames Valley.

He has been offering free legal services to many countries across the globe.

Dr Addaih has helped several Africans in the UK to legalise their residential status and for this we have nominated for this Award. 

Paige Hottor


Paige is a young, vibrant, energetic lady, passionate about supporting young people through Choreography and Cheer Leading.

This led her to establish Milton Keynes Cheerleading Academy, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of young people. MKCA is recognised as one of the UK’s most successful youth programs, as well as one of Britain’s best all-round cheer programmes.

During the summer, August 2021, Paige advocated for all young people, regardless of their economic background to have an opportunity attend a 4-week summer camp fully funded by Milton Keynes Council. This project changed a lot of young people's lives and prevented a number of them from engaging in anti-social behaviours and criminal activities. This is why Paige has been nominated.