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Community Champions

Jade Jaiyeola

Jade Jayeola

Committed to serving the needy in Milton Keynes, Jade has committed her life to helping people regardless of colour, religion or ethnicity. 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic her organisation was feeding more than 250 families.

For her commitment to Milton Keynes and desire to ensure poverty is eradicated especially among young people we believe Jade deserves this nomination. 

Michaela Clark

MC Yellow.jpg

Michaela, has worked at the Community Foundation firstly as a Philanthropy Manager and over the last two year as our capacity Building Manager. Michaela's impact locally continues to be significant supporting local community and voluntary sector improve their governance and business planning activities so that they are able to apply for funding successfully6. Key to Michaela's role is enabling local organisations to address the often EDI deficit in organisations across the sector. she supports and encourage people from ethnic minority background to consider them selves in governance role and advocate and supports organisation in connecting to these people. Michaela's is a true lead seeking always to have a positive impact, she has been leading the Foundations drive to develop it own systems and approaches to it's governance along side seeking to address our environmental impact. Michaela is an example of a true community champion that drivers change across all the communities of Milton Keynes

Marjani Orchery


Marjani has worked to improve health within the population for more than a decade. She is uniquely dually qualified as both a medical doctor and dentist. Marjani has devoted her working practices to improving health outcomes for all people. She is committed to delivering the highest quality healthcare though community-based initiatives.


During the pandemic, she worked as part of a national Public Health initiative to trace COVID cases and disseminate important health information to protect the public. Whilst working as a doctor, she created and delivered a teaching initiative to educate and address poor oral hygiene amongst disadvantaged patients. This included providing toothbrushes and toothpastes to psychiatric patients. Marjani has also contributed articles for the NHS Forest publication, regarding ethnic disparities in the lack of green spaces and the effect on health and wellbeing.

Lisa Lovell


Lisa Lovell actor, poet, educator, and multi-passionate community campaigner with a love for community work, youth work, and education. With a lifelong passion for the arts education and community engagement, Lisa has dedicated over three decades to make a positive impact on diverse communities in Milton Keynes and nationally. A Safeguarding specialist, community work lies at the heart of Lisa's endeavours. A dedicated campaigner advocating for inclusivity, well-being, and social inclusion. Lisa is the current independent  chair for  the MK Thames Valley Police, Stop and Search  Scrutiny  Panel. 

In the realm of education, Lisa Lovell has tirelessly worked to empower young minds. A commitment to youth work has helped to shape future generations fostering and love for learning and personal growth. Lisa firmly believes in the transformative power of the arts as a catalyst for change.

A keen cook and a BBC Good Food Magazine Cook Smart Champion, Lisa, teaches cookery as an independent teacher to communities focusing on no waste, nutritious meals on a budget.

Lady Blessing Adaego Alfred Onuora


Lady Blessing Adaego Alfred Onuora is originally from Umuahia Abia State Anambra by marriage. Lady Blessing is a Business Management Consultant /HR adviser by profession. With her wealth of experience in the business world, she branched off to manage her own organisation. She is the Managing Director Central Staffing Ltd a recruitment agency running for eight years and Registered Manager for Centred Healthcare aproviding domicillary within Milton Keynes and the founder of Alfred’s Community Outreach a not-for-profit organisation (Alfred’s Community Outreach) where she offers her time transforming the lives of young and old people. She supports women, youths, and families in tackling poverty.


ACO runs yearly projects in education, career development/job creation, support/creating awareness on health, wellbeing/social issues. Her projects run within UK communities, her homeland, Nigeria, and internationally. Apart from using her office to support and empower women and youth within her communities in the UK and internationally, her organisation also seeks to advocate and support women affected by domestic abuse.


As a community leader, she has humbly and diligently serves in different capacities within the Igbo organisations in UK she is a strong promoter of African culture. Blessing is a community philanthropist who devotes her time to supporting and working with other organisations of similar interest. Through her exceptional leadership skills, she has over the years mentored and empowered young women and her fellow women and men, in making a career of their choices from startups, she goes out of her way to support businesses were other people see as competition Lady Blessing sees it as a source of empowerment. She uses her office to mentor graduates and undergraduates. She has been a source of help to underprivileged young women supporting them through scholarships, schools starting their own business, and skill acquisition. She is a chair to Absida education trust funds, helping over 80 students gain scholarships in Abia State.


She is currently elected woman leader for Igbo Union in Milton Keynes and seats on the executive council of most black organisations in the UK. Am nominating her because she represents what a respectable woman worthy of emulating she is a pioneer who has succeeded in building herself from nothing to a known name she does so much helping her fellow human without blowing trumpet. She has the most admirable character humble, strong, giving, trustworthy and dependable. I would love her to be the Community Champion.

Yemi  Olayemi


Yemi is a great Avon representative she always does her best to meet her customers needs and goes that bit further to satisfy customers she's kind compassionate and caring she deserves so much more hence I am nominating her keep up the great work Yemi!

Jeff Munguy


I would like to nominate Jeff Munguy of Safeguarding Watoto channel for his outstanding engagements in the community. He has been working with children and young people including those with special needs for over 15 year. He has been the chairperson of a a CIC group (Imara Wefare) based in Milton Keynes for 15 yrs, he's and a few other leaders founded Upendo Group Milton Keynes(UGMK) about 5 yrs ago. UGMK is a social and welfare bereavement group also based in Milton Keynes.


Jeff has also been a community leader for many yrs including serving in pastoral duties in and outside Milton Keynes. Last but not least, Jeff is the founder and president of Safeguarding Watoto Channel, an online social media platform that deals with teaching families, communities, individuals, corporations, institutions about Safeguarding children from suffering harm. He's a youth and family mentor, motivator, inspirational and educator among others.

Tina Thompson


Tina has been involved, over the years, with charities bringing food and hope to disadvantaged people. When lockdown increased hardships of many, Tina used her catering, organising and people skills to help. Tina has a non-discriminatory approach and only sees needs that call for practical solutions. Her home and kitchen became a hub for providing a lifeline hot meal delivered free to individuals and families. Tina continues to work tirelessly with charitable and multifaith organisations to signpost vulnerable people as well as supplying basic food and hygiene needs. Her most recent project provided 100 hot lunches per day to children and young people during the school holidays, in addition to ongoing projects.

Nathan Ampofo-Anim


Nathan was born at MK General on 20.05 2008 and was diagnosed with Sickle cell Disease before birth. SCD is an inherited genetic blood condition for which there is no cure. It is typically diagnosed within black community and has been known as "Negro disease" in the past. SCD still does not receive the gravitas is requires because of the colour it represents. Nathan is on daily medication including morphine and daily chemotherapy and suffers regular hospital admissions. Nathan is an inspiration to both young and old living with lifelong medical condition. His ambition is to inspire others living with a life long condition and empower them to believe that your diagnosis should not define you. Nathan is extremely hard working with tenacity of a bull dog and is determined to inspire others against all odds. At the age of 8 Nathan won the Floella Benjamin life time award for his achievements despite his diagnosis. At age 11 he attained greater depth in all his SATs despite an annual attendance of only 60% due to hospital admissions. Nathan was then awarded 100% Scholarship in private school because of his excellent performance in his entry exams. At age 7 Nathan started competitive go-karting at Daytona Milton Keynes and at age 8 he was the youngest to win the Cadet In-kart championship. 2 years later he won the Rokie cadet championship at Whilton Mill Juniors. Nathan then started competing in National championships and 2 years later finished 5th at Total Karting Zero National electric Karting championship. Nathan was also scouted by Leicester football club as a goalkeeper but unfortunately his diagnosis got in the way as he suffered increased admissions due to playing in the cold and wet conditions. This however did not quench his thirst for competing and success as he tried out for Basketball and was selected to play for Northants Basketball club at National league level. Yes he has Sickle beta Thalassaemia With several admissions misses school quite a lot and at times can't do the things he loves but when he is well he has a damn good shot at it. He is my inspiration and empowers not just me but the old and young alike to pursue their dream's because I see him pursuing his despite the daily challenge presented by his diagnosis.

Joy Cowell

joy new photo.jpg

Working for a better community. Milton Keynes Young Peoples befriender Scheme – Assisted with the set up with Thames Valley Police 1987 Volunteering on Management Committee of Conniburrow Community Association - 1987 Set up and Managed Community and Church Youth Clubs 1996 – 2022 Set up and managed Annual Summer Youth Camps 2003 – 2010 – Caldecote - Milton Keynes and Northampton School Governor – Southwood School 2000-2002 School Governor – Summerfield School – Bradwell Common 2002-2006 Chair of Governors – Germander Park First Foundation School 2006-2009 Great Linford Parish Councillor – 2010-2014 Set up Big Local Conniburrow 2012 Chair (CEO) of Conniburrow Community Association/Group 2011-2023 * PIONEERING the Set up of Conniburrow Utd FC -Youth Football Club 2014 – 2022 – Qualified Under 18 Football Coach at the age of 56– AS THE FIRST BLACK FEMALE to achieve this in Milton keynes, I am proud to be a pioneer in a sport that was considered a male domain. Challenging but rewarding. I done it for our young people so they could see people like themselves in notable leadership positions in the community. I enjoyed the challenge as there was strong opposition especially to see a Black Woman leading and being successful. We won several cups and trophies. Our black boys and girls did not just learn football, but good discipline, behaviour and how to pursue their education and goals with confidence. Started Pastoring in 1993. Completed Biblical Studies (Ordination Course) at Midlands Bible School - Wolverhampton and ordained 1998. Currently volunteering with FOTC and am a Youth Mentor for YMCA Milton Keynes.

Beatrice Bategerezi

unnamed (2)_edited.jpg

Beatrice has been the community Jack of all trade; a support that holds black oriole together. She has done it gir more than 22years. Beatrice will go her way to make sure families eat; single parents gaining education ; sick black community are leading a healthy life and that both parents and children are fine. She will give her heart to her community.


She supports families with children of Special needs . And during lock Dian she was the one supply her own food stick and Medicine including money to families within Mk and out side Milton Keynes. She is the heart and soul of Mk Milton Keynes sweet aunty An aunty to all M’s Milton Keynes 2016-2017 She deserves to win this and many more .



Chinwe has a heart for the community and works in ways that benefit the community as a whole. Her work has always had transformational change and creative endeavour at the core of it. She has organised numerous cultural and wellbeing festivals in collaboration with other leading organisations such as the Parks Trust, MK while serving as the programme director of Acornfields Community Interactions. She believes that any service to the community needs to be a collaborative effort with resources, ideas and skills put together to create an enriching experience for members of the community who engage with the programmes on offer. She also practises as a Community Artist at OkiezArts, where she writes, publishes, promotes and pushes for more publication of Cultural storybooks to help the preservation of African Cultural Heritage. In addition, she runs a social enterprise "WEARETHEIROKO" who are driving transformational change through Sustainability Art Projects and Cultural Exchanges. This is an intergenerational endeavour to ensure that we are all doing our bit to look after our planet by living simply and having fun while doing so!


Chinwe is a born leader, with an excellent spirit in all she does. She goes beyond measure and breaks obstacles to see things come to pass.

Chinwe is a very dedicated individual who champions the course of the Black communities most especially in Milton Keynes and she is very approachable.

I love working in ways that benefit the community as a whole. My work both in my job as a teacher, my personal life and in the community has always had transformational change and creative endeavour at the core of it. 


I have organised numerous cultural and wellbeing festivals in collaboration with other leading organisations such as the Parks Trust, MK while serving as the programme director of Acornfields Community Interactions. I believe that any service to the community needs to be a collaborative effort with resources, ideas and skills put together to create an enriching experience for members of the community who engage with the programmes on offer.


I also practise as a Community Artist at OkiezArts, where I write, publish, promote and push for more publication of Cultural storybooks to help the preservation of African Cultural Heritage. 

In addition, I run a social enterprise "WEARETHEIROKO"  who are driving transformational change through Sustainability Art Projects and Cultural Exchanges. This is an intergenerational endeavour to ensure that we are all doing our bit to look after our planet by living simply and having fun while doing so!



Ambassador Chioma  Oti


Chief Ambassador Lady Chioma Oti-Osammor has made a commitment to helping people, raising funds for most charities, and serving her local community. She's the sixth child of her parents. Professionally, as a social worker and also a manager in the Health Care Sector, in which she has worked for 18 yrs now, caring for people with disability. In her spare time, she actively champions and leads various non-profit organisations. To name a few..


She is the Founder/CEO of PLEO Reachout Foundation CIC UK, a charity organisation that supports Ethnic minority families with disabled Children and Adults in the UK and Abroad, she is the President of United Umuada International Igbo Club UK & Ireland Chapter, an organisation that supports women and widows in need. She's also the CEO Executive Manager of Chommzy Care Services LTD (Recruitment Agency) and CEO of ChommzyServices Ltd, Events Planner.


She is the vice president of Nigerian Community Milton Keynes, and She actively in past served 4 years as the Public Relations Officer for IGBO Union Milton Keynes. Chief Ambassador Lady Chioma is a recipient of Multiple Awards Winner and beyond. She juggles all these activities in addition to being a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children.

Agnes Acquah


Agnes is of a good character helping the Ghanaian community. A founder of Mfantsiman Association, founder of Harbour City and Sweet sixteen. Have organised events and hosted two different Majors of Milton Keynes in different years. Also have informative platforms helping with legal matters to accommodation.

Queen Lodi Jose


She serves as a source of inspiration within her community, actively contributing to positive changes and touching the lives of many. Her actions set a shining example for young girls and women, making her a highly deserving candidate for this award.

Efua Adams


Efua has demonstrated exceptional leadership, fostering remarkable growth throughout the many years she has been active in Milton Keynes. Her involvement in community programs and unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, within and outside of her business make her an outstanding advocate. Efua's visionary approach, empathetic nature, and tenacity inspire all who work with her. She undeniably deserves this nomination as a true pioneer who has broken barriers and enriched Milton Keynes.

Peter Bakare

download (17).jpg

Peter Bakare lives and works in Milton Keynes and goes above and beyond for the community. He represented Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics playing Volleyball and is now a great ambassador for the sport. He studied Animation and became involved in scriptwriting. He has worked as a scriptwriter for Channel 4 drama Skins and has also acted and performed stand-up comedy. Peter now runs his own company, Nutri Troops, which is a ground-breaking programme aimed at encouraging primary age children to achieve positive goals through exercise and healthy eating, inspired by the Olympics, animated heroes, and villains. He has been delivering free Nutri Troops Games Days for Primary Schools in Milton Keynes to educate children around healthy eating. He also runs free Nutri Troops Holiday camps in Fishermead for children who receive free school meals. He does this with 5 On It Charity and they give the children breakfast and lunch and Peter invites them into the world of the Nutri Troops Characters where they can be creative whilst learning and being inspired by black superheroes. Over the last 3 years he has delivered free sessions to over 10,000 children in Milton Keynes. Peter has volunteered with Milton Keynes Film Academy for Sporting Heroes in Milton Keynes and he has given numerous talks for Black history month including Black History Talks for Team GB. Peter also works as a Philanthropy Manager for MK Community Foundation where he helps Health and Wellbeing groups and charities to access funding so they can make a difference within the community. Peter lad a fantastic free programme for teenagers this summer at St Paul's School where he gave inspiring talks and arranged sports and arts activities for the young people. You can see him talking on BBC News in this video:

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