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Shalom Llyod
Shalom Lloyd

An award-winning, senior business professional, with over 26 years’ experience in the

pharmaceutical industry. A British-Nigerian with a BSc and MSc in Pharmacy from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy in former Soviet Union, and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, resulting in a cross-cultural background which has enabled her to push for diversity and cultural awareness in the global business place at every opportunity for herself and others.


Shalom is the Founder of Naturally Tribal Group – a natural, sustainable, synthetic chemical-free skincare company built on valuing healthy, ethical, and sustainable living whilst empowering African women.


Shalom is also the Chief Strategy Officer at Emerging Markets Quality Trials (eMQT), an organisation focused on diversity in Clinical Trials providing the global pharmaceutical industry access to patients in Africa.


Shalom is Business Development and Sales Director at JE Oils Nigeria, a company determined to put Nigeria’s shea industry on the map.


A mother of five amazing children, she holds a NED position on the Milton Keynes & Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and is Governor at Milton Keynes College.


Shalom is World Trader Freeman, Honorary Professor of Professional Practice at the University of Buckingham, a Department of Business and Trade Export Champion, a Mentor and strong believer in the fact that anything is possible!

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