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Susan Popoola

Susan Popoola, Human Value Optimisation Specialist Susan Popoola focuses

on developing a Mosaic World in which everyone is valued for who they are

and what they have to offer.


Susan runs Mosaic Fusions Ltd, a Business and Talent Development Support organisation which works with organisation leaders to develop highly productive and fulfilling workplaces that reflect the rich diversity of society.


She has extensive cross-sector experience inclusive of international experience working with organisations and delegates from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and the US.


She is also a South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Ambassador, Royal Society of Artsfellow, Good Work Guild member, and former Fellow of Windsor Castle’s Society of Leaders. Susan also runs Mosaic Wise, a Community Interest

Company that works with individuals, education and organisations to support

and enable children and young adults to fully identify who they are and develop to be the best that they can be in the various environments and contexts they encounter in life.


She is specifically and increasingly focused on the experience of young people who are care experienced or without parentalsupport. Susan has a deep-rooted belief in human value and is the author of Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain, and most recently, Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work. She is currently working on a new book on Multiculturalism.


Susan is an established speaker and host of the Leading in a Mosaic World Podcast. She has the ability to relate to and connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds to optimise and bring out the best in people and organisations.

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