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Tina Latifah Jones
Tina Latifah Jones

Tina is an Advanced Social Work Practitioner with a Local Authority in the Southwest of England. She has previously worked for Independent Fostering Agencies and other local authorities. She is a Cornell University trained Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer. Tina is a co-founder of STaSS, an HIV and Mental health charity here in the MK and Ghana, she is the founder of TLJ Fashion House in Ghana and the founder of TLJ Associates Ltd, a social care company that provides support services, training and Consultancy services to other social workers, social care companies and individuals that need such services. Tina is an executive member for several community groups in Milton Keynes and beyond. She is a recipient of a number of awards for her Philanthropic work including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Equality Award.


Tina has been in the Health and Social Care profession for almost 20 years working within the Private, Public and the Voluntary sector. She has worked on various HIV/AIDS projects in Africa, USA and in the UK. She founded STaSS with her best friend Debra-Jane Nelson in May 2007 after she identified a gap in service provision for people living with and closely affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.


Tina has supported and continues to support a wide range of people living with and closely affected by HIV and Hepatitis to have a better understanding of the condition. This, she hopes, will enable them to manage their condition better, challenge stigma and discrimination and enjoy life to the fullest without prejudice.


Tina and her husband are approved Therapeutic Foster Carers having cared for 22 children in the last 8 years some with very complex needs.

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