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Victoria Mensah
Victoria Mensah

Victoria Mensah started ‘Awake to Know Africa’ back in 2003 after realising that there was a gap between Education and culture in Milton Keynes and its surroundings.


During the 2020 pandemic, she started another cooking business called Araba's Special Kitchen where she cooked to feed local people. Together with her children she voluntarily offered to supply food and toiletries with her own money to people in need of food and toiletries during the pandemic.



She also served as a "Flu friend" driving from house to house delivering medication to the vulnerable.


She later served as a councillor for Woughton Community Council and as a Labour candidate and mentored a lot of young people in Milton Keynes.


She is a mother, career adviser and gospel artist who has produced two music albums to bless her church and community.

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