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October is designated nationally as Black History Month in the United Kingdom to relive, discuss and celebrate the contributions and achievements of people of black heritage to the United Kingdom and the world.

This is done because history has tended not to highlight the achievements of people of black heritage.

As we celebrate this month we are able to  acknowlwdge the contributions of people of black heritage and bring their stories to the forefront of activity and learning.

This teaches young people that there are other voices and other stories byond what is predominantly featured in the mainstream.

The aim of this project is to showcase the films which have been produced on six professionals in Milton Keynes to ensure their stories are not forgotton. So that when history is written their names are mentioned. That way the future will see value in the presence of black people because they know they contributed to the development of this town. 

History favours the victor, but there is always another side to the story. We must insist on the whole story and not settle for one story.

Our Mission

Some of the people making a difference in our  Milton Keynes community

Moriah Priestley,


Milton Keynes Council


Mike Johnson,


Secklow Sounds Radio 

Wain McIntosh, Chairman, friends of the Carribbean

Wain McIntosh,


Friends of the Caribbean

Maria Affia, Chairman, Noble Ladies, MK

Our Mission

To celebrate people of black heritage for their contribution to history.

Our Vision

To tell the stories that are ignored. To hear the voices that have been silenced. To look into the faces of the past to define the future. 

Tina Latifah Jones, Founder


Mike Kasibo,


Global Outreach Foundation

Mike Kasibo, Founder, Global Outreach Foundation
orman 1.JPG

Jade Jayeola,


MK Melting Pot

Maria Affa,


Noble Women, MK

Orman Griffith,


'History through our own eyes'

Retelling history which is inclusive and empowering makes us all human. Let's start today.

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